English Articles

English Articles is a comprehensive reference guide to the use of articles in Standard English. It is designed for:

  • Teachers and learners of English as a second language
  • Non-native English speaking students who must write in English for academic purposes
  • Teachers and learners of English grammar at both secondary and tertiary levels

The use of articles in Standard English (American, Australian, British) is perceived to be one of the most difficult aspects of English grammar to teach and to learn. This app explains concepts like definite, indefinite, and the count mass distinction of nouns. These factors determine the use of articles in Standard English.

  • Interactive exercises with detailed explanations help reinforce comprehension.
  • Fun images serve to explain concepts like abstract, count and mass.
  • Enjoy!

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    Does grammar matter?

    The grammar of every language is in a constant state of flux. New varieties of English are being created as millions of speakers of other languages learn English as a second language. English grammar rules are the rules of how Standard English is spoken.
    Grammar Matters is a forum to various aspects of Standard English grammar, namely, the use of articles, auxiliary verbs and prepositions. These are the ‘function words’ and they are the ones that are the most difficult to learn, but if you are learning a new language it is important to understand how its grammar works.

    Every new variety of English has its own grammar – for example Australian Aboriginal English, African American English, Jamaican English, Singlish, etc. It is fine for you to use your own variety of English when speaking casually, but if you are studying at university, or applying for a job in English speaking institution, then you will have to use Standard English grammar.

    English Articles is a guide to the use of articles in Standard English.
    It explains why and when to use aanthesome, and also, when no article is used. It is an affordable reference tool for both teachers and learners. Teachers can create their own sets of examples to illustrate theoretical points discussed under each heading in the app. Interactive exercises with answers help reinforce learning. Fun pictures serve to explain some concepts like count and mass.

    English Articles is available from both iTunes and Google Play.


    English Articles

    This App is a guide to the use of articles in Standard English.
    It explains when and why we use:

    • The indefinite article a/an
    • The definite article the
    • The quantifier some
    • Zero article

    The use of articles in Standard English depends on a number of factors, namely:

    • Is the noun phrase definite or indefinite?
    • Is the noun countable or non-countable?
    • If it is countable, is it singular or plural?
    • Does the noun phrase refer to a specific entity or not?

    This App explains what is meant by the terms definite, indefinite, count and non-count. It is important to understand these concepts in order to understand how and why articles are used in English.

    Some interactive exercises help reinforce learning.

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